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Meet the Team

Arian Ruß


Arian combines a passion for creating engaging social media content with years of expertise in app creation, content marketing, influencer marketing, and business communications. His app FanFilter generated 40k downloads in the App Store.

Arian never loses sight of his goals and leads his team towards new achievements every day.

Timo Kilb


Timo is the technical backbone of the company. With his enthusiasm for app development and his traditional computer science background make him the perfect CTO for QuickTakes.

When not being tied to his desktop coding, Timo can be seen at skate spots where he knows a trick or two as well.

Jonathan Gebauer


Jonathan has been part of the creator economy for the past 10 years. His past startup - the business content community exploreB2B managed to acquire 80k users. As a blogger and marketing pro, he has worked on various online and content marketing projects. With skills ranging from content creation to online advertising, he knows exactly which tools the content economy needs.

Jonathan concentrates on never letting go before a task is finished.

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